This book is amazing. Stevens explores business relationships in great depth, but in a conversational narrative that makes this book an easy read.”
—Michael J. Coles
Great American Cookie Company, founder and former CEO

In a business environment where communications are increasingly dominated by the anonymity of emails, and relationships defined by the quantity of friends or connections possessed through social or business databases, Riding Elevators Backwards is a refreshing look at the fundamentals of relationship building. Larry Stevens has created a field guide for young professionals and aspiring leaders who want to expand their influence beyond superficial acquaintances and build deeper and more impactful relationships, both personally and professionally. From assessing the quality of your current relationships to developing techniques for meeting new people, communicating with clarity and alacrity, and building confidence that translates into trust and value,Riding Elevators Backwards is a virtual how-to manual for building genuine relationships that will lead to more sales, more contracts, and more influence with clients,customers, employees, and peers. In clear, conversational language and based on the concept of mutual trust, value, and chemistry, Stevens teaches you proven techniques for building relationships including:

• Using the rule of three to inspire confidence,
• Developing a “smelly” reputation that will make you memorable,
• Creating a reading strategy that will allow you to talk intelligently with any CEO in America, and
• Becoming a shape shifter to help you relate to multiple personalities.

Author J. Larry Stevens holds a copy of his book: "Riding Elevators Backwards" at one of his speaking enagements.

Author J. Larry Stevens holds a copy of his book: “Riding Elevators Backwards” at one of his speaking engagements.

Riding Elevators Backwards will radically change your approach to relationships, and will challenge you to transcend the boundaries of social networks and technology-based communications and step boldly into real and metaphorical elevators where people and relationships are waiting just for you.